Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gay Marriage Logic

While this note is not going to be as long as those written by a certain 10 year old who we all know and love, I think it will draw just as many critical comments from the christian-conservative crowd here at STA/Vis/Anywhere else. You all know the topic; gay marriage.

I personally think that prohibiting same-sex marriage is unconstitutional and wrong. "How is it unconstitutional?" you might ask. If one is at least vaguely familiar with the doctrine on which our nation is founded, you will see that it says we have freedom of religion, which also implies freedom from religion. If you haven't noticed by now, ALL protest of same-sex marriage comes from, you guessed it, religious organizations who claim that marriage is an institution from a homophobic god. The truth to this, is that in the secular state we live in religion is supposed to hold zero power in the government.

The question is then often posed, "How about a civil-union?" I really dislike this question because I think it is condescending to homosexuals to suggest that they can't use "your sacred word." Another flaw with this argument is that, once again we live in a secular country where religious organizations are supposed to hold no power whatsoever in the government. Also if people are truly concerned about the sacred term of marriage, instead of trying to stop people who truly love each other from using it, maybe they should go after the Hollywood stars who get married for publicity. All in all, the term marriage is really just a word, and it does not hurt anybody if a same-sex couple uses it.

Some ignorant idiot then might ask "if two men are allowed to get married, what's next a man and a dog." I really, really dislike this argument for a few reasons. First, I think it is very insulting to homosexuals to compare homosexuality to beastiality. Also marriage is consensual and there has never been a dog or any other non-human animal smart enough to consent to a marriage.

In conclusion whether or not you believe homosexuality is a choice or disposition, moral or immoral, same-sex couples should be allowed to get married based on the constitution, and among other things the basic human right to love. Once again this is not about the moral implications of same sex marriage, but the legality of it.

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